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Hiera server Grand opening 1. December 2016

About server:

Version: Season 10 episode 3

Experience: 20x

Item drop rate: 25%

Character reset from 400lvl, stat points keeping.

Grand reset: 50 resets, bonus 2000 free stat points and free credits.

Spots in all maps with 5-7 monsters, in high level maps mobs will be

much stronger with double defence.

Golden mobs are from double to triple defence,

all golden invasions are every 2-3 hours.

Server features:

All characters available, also new Grow Lancer.

Auto party system

Bots system

Gift system

Mu helper

Muun system

Roomy system

Party and Guild Matching systems

Pandora Jewel and mining system

Skill imprint system

Ruud shop ( currency ruud )

Mass combination system

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Posted 13 / 09 / 2016

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